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Yolande Daniel wears multiple hats as the proprietor and CEO of Brazodee Bra Boutique Plus. She is not just a Bra Fit Expert and Mastectomy Fitter, but also an Image Consultant and a Registered Nurse. While her official journey as a bra fitter began in 2019, her deep-seated commitment to assisting women with their breast-related concerns has roots that extend far back in time.

Yolande herself grappled with the vexing challenge of finding the perfect bra and, more importantly, feeling confident about the appearance of her breasts. It was in the transformative year of 2009 when she finally received a proper fitting that not only lifted her breasts but also elevated her self-image and self-esteem. This pivotal moment ignited a passionate desire within her to extend this empowering experience to every woman she could reach.


Prior to fully immersing herself in the world of bras, Yolande had a substantial career in the medical field. However, by 2019, her calling as a bra fitter had become undeniable, leading her to step into the role part-time. Eventually, she decided to return to her roots in Trinidad and make a full-time commitment to the bra business. In May 2023, her vision came to life with the opening of her own boutique.


Brazodee Bra Boutique Pus, under Yolande's stewardship, caters to women of all breast sizes, offering an extensive range of bras from A to S cups. Beyond this, Yolande extends her services to provide specialized breast form fittings for survivors of breast cancer and individuals dealing with various breast-related conditions. She also imparts her invaluable knowledge through her signature course, "BFF – Bra Fit Fundamentals," which is accessible to the general public.


Yolande's ultimate aspiration is to empower all women to embrace and adore their own unique breasts. At Brazodee Bra Boutique Plus, the message is clear: They are here to ensure that every woman feels beautiful and confident in her bra choices, knowing that they've got her covered.


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